Carrying in a Bag, Purse Backpack and Range Bag?

Over the years, we’ve had many students surprised at the law of “Conceal Carry”.

Specifically about how it is written and it’s meaning. Because we are NOT attorneys and we aren’t giving legal advice, we try to stay away from interpreting the law for our students. In this case, we must dive quite a bit deeper. Most of the perplexity comes from vague and ambiguous language and what is NOT written.

In addition to the NRS – Nevada Revised Statute, we also add the opinion of this letter from the NV Attorney General. We present this letter to our Students, thanks to our friends at NevadaCarry.Org

Attorney General Opinion Letter on

NVSCA Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs Association also has a download for this letter.

Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs Association AG Letter Download

Sometimes case law is referenced as a precedent. In this case, this letter sets the tone and points out the flaws.

Conceal Carry includes in a bag, purse, backpack, hip pac or any other container carried by you.

Hello? What about Range Bags? Yes, ALL bags that are carried by you, whether the gun is loaded or unloaded, is conceal carry.

There is some vague and ambiguous language in the letter such as “on or about your person”.

This letter should also go along with the Conceal Carry NRS….

What does the Nevada Revised Statute for Concealed Firearm Say?

NRS 202.3653 What is a Concealed Firearm? Conceal Carry Defined

1. “Concealed Firearm” means a Loaded or Unloaded handgun which is Carried upon a person in such a manner as NOT to be discernible by ordinary observation.

(Add the AG Letter to this).

Also reference NRS 202.350


Note: Open Carry is the exact opposite of Conceal Carry meaning Open Carry IS discernible by ordinary observation

An area of the law that is Broken

This is an area of the law that’s broken. There is no clear  or explicit language in Nevada Revised Statute regarding “Transporting”.

That said, we don’t see Law Enforcement Officers standing outside of the gun ranges trying to enforce this law and catch people walking out of the gun range with a range bag full of concealed firearms. It’s a known area of law that is Broken.

What does Federal Law say about Transporting Firearms?

Federal Law DOES define how to transport in all 50 states.

(Transporting Firearms 18 U.S.C 926A) Federal Law Regarding Transporting Firearms

*The transporter is not a restricted person

*the firearm is not a restricted firearm

*Cannot transport to engage in business unless a FFL

*Firearm must be unloaded

*Ammunition and firearm not readily accessible or directly accessible from the passenger compartment unless in a locked container excluding glove box or console.

The solution?

To avoid gray areas or wonder if you are carrying lawfully, GET A CONCEALED FIREARMS PERMIT and you can conceal carry without having to operate within the vague confines of that law.

(Of course, you can Open Carry, but that also means no guns in bags).

At the end of the day, we say, “Carry a Gun and Protect yourself if you Have To…