HPP Training is proud to resume Defense Training Courses.

Life after the COVID-19 Shutdown

We hope this message finds you and your family doing well.

Over the last 10 years, HPP Training has been operating at a high level, teaching 1000’s of students with multiple Instructors. From Basic Firearms courses, Conceal Carry, Home Defense, Defensive Shooting with Handguns & Carbines and even Hunter Education. We have been averaging between 1000 to 1200 students per year and 2020 has been nothing less than unpredictable. When news of the novel killer virus known as Coronavirus started,,, “shutting down the world” didn’t seem possible. Then as the media flared up the fear, there was no stopping what was about to change America.

The news that people would have to shelter in their homes sent many into hysteria. Many were not prepared with even the basic essentials and had missed opportunities as shelves quickly became baron. From toilet paper to food to firearms and ammunition, everything that seemed necessary to survive was quickly being purchased in mass quantities. Many people were becoming anxious. With what we have learned from the past, all of us at HPP Training have been becoming more prepared and it seemed like we were on the outside looking in.

Maggie spent a week helping the associate employees at the gun counter of Bass Pro Shops. They were selling guns to a record number of people who hadn’t considered owning firearms before this pandemic. With that experience, there were so many basic and even unfathomable questions and it was quite clear that education was needed now more than ever.

Unfortunately, the list of what was considered an “essential businesses” didn’t include the much needed firearms training education. Our HPP Training Courses came to a halt. During the shutdown, we were able to run a few private (NON-CCW) training courses at undisclosed locations (to avoid the Karen’s). For Conceal Carry Courses, we were shut down for approximately 2 weeks and had to cancel two of our scheduled courses at Bass Pro Shops. With several calls and emails requesting training from new gun owners and from those who wish to obtain their NV CFP, the only thing we could do is create a priority list of students to contact when the closure ended. That list grew and grew as the shutdown was well underway.

On April 1st, we received an email from LVMPD. In it, the NV Attorney General had advised that our Conceal Firearms Permit courses may resume with certain restrictions. *Less than 10 Students and *Seating at least 6 feet apart.

We have been proud partners at Bass Pro Shops as Pro Staff Members for the last 6 years. We are Still Proud Partners. The Convenience of using the Conservation Room and the indoor range continues to be halted.

Then one phone call changed everything.

A Special “Thank You” to everyone at the Silverton, Bass Pro Shops, Hyatt Place and Las Vegas Shooting Center!!!

We are very grateful to The Silverton Casino Hotel for offering their sister property, The new Hyatt Place Las Vegas at Silverton Village. This pristine venue is where are afforded the opportunity to resume our CFP courses.

The next missing piece of the puzzle was placed with our friends at Las Vegas Shooting Center. LVSC is a great shooting range and firearms retail center that we’ve been able to use for CFP Qualifications.

In our opinion, firearm education has been “essential”. With venues in place and new restrictions being followed, we were off and running again.  On April 12th, we had our first of many CFP Courses during the shutdown. With ground to make up, we were at a crawl compared to our previous schedule, however we are grateful to be teaching at all.

All of our CFP Courses have been completely SOLD OUT since April 12th. We have safely trained over 135 students during this time without the Corona.

The absence of Basic Safety and Personal Defense Courses has been clearly evident and desperately needed, yet ranges have been restricted or still deemed as non-essential. With news coming in and business status starting to change, we knew it would be a matter of time to start offering our community the courses within the HPP Training Program.

During this shutdown, it gave us the down-time needed in order to make adjustment, updates and modifications to our training materials.

BRPC is Now Open!!!

We have been grateful to be approved contractors at the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club near Boulder City for the last few years. This outdoor shooting range is where we have offered several of our defense courses through the IDS – Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program. We had been patiently waiting for the news of reopening and finally, we received the one email we were waiting for.

BPRC is open for public business with restrictions from the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce which resembled many of the practices we have already put in place.

Personally and as a Company, we have had to do things differently than before. Though we have continued to offer high-quality education and training available during the Covid shutdown, we have implemented practices and measures to train responsibly.

We are committed to the highest level of service, health and safety for our students.

We are committed to delivering quality real world defensive firearms training based on science, physics and empirical data.

We are ready to train you!!!

HPP Training is offering the Ultimate Multi-State CCW Course every Weekend and some Weekdays. Please check our schedule at


HPP Training has 6 approved dates and are offering Defensive Shooting courses again at BRPC. We are still operating with fewer students in our course, but we are up and running. During this shutdown, we were able to organize, assemble and rest.

Here are the first dates offered through our defense training program at BRPC.

Friday May 29th PRIVATE TRAINING AND ITDH – Introduction to Defensive Handgun

Saturday May 30th FOHD – Fundamentals of Armed Home Defense REGISTER HERE

Sunday May 31st ITDH – Introduction to Defensive Handgun REGISTER HERE

Saturday June 13th FOCC – Fundamentals of Conceal Carry REGISTER HERE

Friday June 19th ITDH – Introduction to Defensive Handgun REGISTER HERE

Saturday June 27th IDS – Intuitive Defensive Shooting (One Day) Course



Here are a few reviews from students that trained with us during the Covid-19 Shutdown.