Defense Training for ALL educators

We are Teaching the Science of Self Defense to our Teachers

For Immediate Press Release

Las Vegas NV

February 22, 2018

Everyone has heard of the recent tragic event at one of our nation’s schools, and the conversations that are circulating throughout our country as a result.  As Americans are grasping for answers, we’d like to be part of a permanent solution.  As a company that has trained 1000’s of Americans from all walks of life in the skills required to safely exercise the enormous responsibility of firearms, we feel it is our duty to reach out to the educators in our community and make our training available to them as well.

“We are committed to the protection of our children”. – Maggie Mordaunt

We are proud to announce that our company HPP Training – Homeland Personal Protection is offering Real Defense Training based on Science, Physics and Empirical Evidence to ALL of the Educators and Administrators of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and to all other cities and communities in the State of Nevada.

For Clark County Educators, we are offering a significant discount of training tuition. All that is needed is proof of employment as an educator or administrator. We want to make it easy for our Teachers to get into a training course. We are open minded and willing to listen to what our schools are wanting, and we are willing to create specific training for them.

“PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE” – Maggie Mordaunt

We operate a training program that is unmatched and have a course for all skill levels, from Introduction to Defensive Handgun for those with very little experience, Conceal Carry Weapons Courses and for those who have the desire to progress through to more advanced training we offer Intuitive Defensive Shooting courses designed for Home Defense, Defense Around Vehicles, Defense in Public Spaces and Defense in Workplaces.

“There is a difference of learning how to shoot a gun VS. learning how to use a gun for self-defense” – Maggie Mordaunt

For more information about our company and our training

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Homeland Personal Protection – HPP Training

Media Contact – Maggie Mordaunt 702-370-0159

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