I am Very Honored to be a Brand Ambassador for the great products by Breakthrough Clean.

I have been using Breakthrough for the last few years. It was a “by chance” meet on the very busy Main Hall at Shot Show 2014 as we literally bumped into the Owner/Developer/Staff for Breakthrough. From that first meeting, we knew these people were solid and an extraordinary friendship was created. For me, the people behind the product are what make the product great. After the show, I remember depleting my samples and the urgency for the need to have more so I immediately ordered 5 Bigger 6oz Bottles. I am honored to say, I started advocating this product from the beginning and it has been amazing to see this great company grow to what it is today. We continue to tell anyone who owns a firearm about Breakthrough Clean and how great these products work. 
Over the years, I have used several other cleaning products and yes, other products may work, however in my time using Breakthrough Clean, I can say that no other products compare! Not only does the Military Grade Solvent break down carbon and heavy metals while safely cleaning all my firearm components, it also has NO ODOR, so I clean my guns on our kitchen counter, in my hotel room or as we did in the barracks. When I apply the Battle Born High-Purity Oil or the Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant and Protectant, I am confident that my firearms will work reliably during training courses and more importantly in the time of need for my protection.  The Higher Burn-off temperature rating also extends the length of time that my firearms stay lubricated between applications so in essence I use less product compared to others that burn off faster.
Overall, I must say that Breakthrough Clean products are the ONLY Cleaning and Care Products that I will ever need. Thank You to everyone at Breakthrough Clean. 
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