In this podcast, Stan and Mike talk with longtime friend, Maggie Mordaunt, otherwise known as CCW Maggie. Maggie is a firearms instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the three talk about women in firearms, and talk about some topics surrounding that.  Women make up a large part of the firearms industry from new permit […]

Tactical Pay Radio Podcast. Episode #31

I was honored to be in such great company of Tactical Pay Radio Podcast, Episode 31. Take a listen and follow their social pages, follow their podcast and if you are in the Firearms Industry, they have a great Merchant Account service that is very 2A Friendly.

Here is a what Tactical Pay Radio had to say about our training and how it came to be…

TPR – “Strap in for a new episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, we’re talking about learning and practicing self defense with a true expert. Maggie Mordaunt AKA “CCW Maggie” is the Founder/Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training or HPP Firearms Training. For ten years now her training has been geared towards defensive shooting against potentially lethal threats”.

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Defense Training for ALL educators

We are Teaching the Science of Self Defense to our Teachers

For Immediate Press Release

Las Vegas NV

February 22, 2018

Everyone has heard of the recent tragic event at one of our nation’s schools, and the conversations that are circulating throughout our country as a result.  As Americans are grasping for answers, we’d like to be part of a permanent solution.  As a company that has trained 1000’s of Americans from all walks of life in the skills required to safely exercise the enormous responsibility of firearms, we feel it is our duty to reach out to the educators in our community and make our training available to them as well.

“We are committed to the protection of our children”. – Maggie Mordaunt

We are proud to announce that our company HPP Training – Homeland Personal Protection is offering Real Defense Training based on Science, Physics and Empirical Evidence to ALL of the Educators and Administrators of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and to all other cities and communities in the State of Nevada.

For Clark County Educators, we are offering a significant discount of training tuition. All that is needed is proof of employment as an educator or administrator. We want to make it easy for our Teachers to get into a training course. We are open minded and willing to listen to what our schools are wanting, and we are willing to create specific training for them.

“PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE” – Maggie Mordaunt

We operate a training program that is unmatched and have a course for all skill levels, from Introduction to Defensive Handgun for those with very little experience, Conceal Carry Weapons Courses and for those who have the desire to progress through to more advanced training we offer Intuitive Defensive Shooting courses designed for Home Defense, Defense Around Vehicles, Defense in Public Spaces and Defense in Workplaces.

“There is a difference of learning how to shoot a gun VS. learning how to use a gun for self-defense” – Maggie Mordaunt

For more information about our company and our training

please visit or

Homeland Personal Protection – HPP Training

Media Contact – Maggie Mordaunt 702-370-0159


Thanks to Sharon Chayra:

As more women embrace tactical training and firearms as means of protection and sport, fitness’ role in optimizing female body mechanics is gaining attention. No matter your level of conditioning or lack thereof, if you’re serious about competitive or defensive shooting, the time to start training is now. And if you ask Sheepdog Tim Kennedy, the second-best time to start is also now.

Competitive athlete now NRA-certified firearms instructor Brenda Osborne says there might be some physical distinctions between the sexes on the range, but firearms equalize them. “They [firearms] allow us ladies to be able to protect ourselves from a much larger, stronger threat that intends to cause us personal violence.” While some believe there are vast differences between the genders based on biology and muscle mass, Osborne is more pragmatic, “I find that on the range differences between the sexes are more cerebral than physical.”

The cerebral aspects of firearms consist of understanding the mechanics of the gun itself to the application of its strategic deployment as evidenced by tight groupings or threat neutralization. Women might initially be drawn to guns for the defensive aspect but once their skills progress they usually find the competitive component a fun and exciting way to hone their proficiency. There are many pro-Second Amendment organizations throughout the US designed for women that provide competition, education and socializing opportunities.

Education is paramount to competency for either sex. Whether a woman’s breasts necessitate adjusting a draw from an appendix carry holster versus a male protecting his delicate regions from being muzzled remains debatable. What isn’t up for debate is the inherent physicality of the sport. Having a strong, nimble and flexible frame is advantageous to everyone, but don’t give up hope if the only exercise you’ve got lately is driving the kids to their soccer practice. Start small, be consistent, and integrate both cardio and weights into a daily habit of wellness.

“That’s what is so great about shooting sports, if you can master the fundamentals, understand the dynamic and put it all together you’ve pretty much got it made,” says Osborne who acknowledges she and her mentor, Maggie Mordaunt work with many women and men with physical limitations. In fact, Mordaunt, like Osborne, is also a former bodybuilder and personal trainer who leveraged her handgun hobby into a new career after suffering a broken neck. Mordaunt now owns and operates CCW Maggie and travels the country providing training with and for law enforcement, military, and civilians of all skill levels.

Conditioning your body will help you achieve greater proficiency and endurance. “Sometimes the training can be difficult,” says Osborne, “It not only requires lateral movement but running, stopping abruptly, moving from a standing to a kneeling, to a prone position or possibly lying on one’s back and flowing repeatedly through these positions while taking the time to find your sight alignment, sight picture and address your target at varying stages of flow.” Osborne admits these movements are not only tiring but hard on the joints and connective tissue.

“My level of fitness allows me to focus on my shooting skills without having to be accountable to physical weaknesses so it’s a gift I’ve given myself,” Osborne says, “But it’s never too late to address it and make it better. Be the best you that you can be.”




We mourn for the victims of the horrendous act of evil on October 1st 2017. Our Thoughts are with those injured or affected by this cowardly act and we are ready to lend a helping hand.

This is our City and we do our best to be good stewards of our community and inspire others to care for one another.

Our company, Homeland Personal Protection and Our Training Program are here to support our community in all their defense needs. It’s important for everyone in our community to know our vetted Instructors can articulate a consistent personal defense training message and deliver the same information across the board.  Our mission is to teach life-saving skills, whether it’s to Evade, use a Firearm or even Medical Equipment to make our community safer in our Homes, Vehicles, Public Spaces and Workplaces. We will continue to protect our Second Amendment and not allow an act of violence define who we are or be a reason to enact new laws or altogether prevent us from attending events in Public Environments. Our goal is to empower our citizens with knowledge and skills that may potentially save their life or the lives of others.

This is Our City, This is Our Homeland and we are Vegas Strong!




I am Very Honored to be a Brand Ambassador for the great products by Breakthrough Clean.

I have been using Breakthrough for the last few years. It was a “by chance” meet on the very busy Main Hall at Shot Show 2014 as we literally bumped into the Owner/Developer/Staff for Breakthrough. From that first meeting, we knew these people were solid and an extraordinary friendship was created. For me, the people behind the product are what make the product great. After the show, I remember depleting my samples and the urgency for the need to have more so I immediately ordered 5 Bigger 6oz Bottles. I am honored to say, I started advocating this product from the beginning and it has been amazing to see this great company grow to what it is today. We continue to tell anyone who owns a firearm about Breakthrough Clean and how great these products work. 
Over the years, I have used several other cleaning products and yes, other products may work, however in my time using Breakthrough Clean, I can say that no other products compare! Not only does the Military Grade Solvent break down carbon and heavy metals while safely cleaning all my firearm components, it also has NO ODOR, so I clean my guns on our kitchen counter, in my hotel room or as we did in the barracks. When I apply the Battle Born High-Purity Oil or the Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant and Protectant, I am confident that my firearms will work reliably during training courses and more importantly in the time of need for my protection.  The Higher Burn-off temperature rating also extends the length of time that my firearms stay lubricated between applications so in essence I use less product compared to others that burn off faster.
Overall, I must say that Breakthrough Clean products are the ONLY Cleaning and Care Products that I will ever need. Thank You to everyone at Breakthrough Clean. 

NRA Blog – Meet NRA Instructor Maggie “CCW Maggie” Mordaunt

I am honored to be in the NRA Training Blog. I have been blessed to have taken training through the NRA programs since 2009 when there weren’t as many NRA Instructors or Training Counselors. I advanced through their programs quickly and reached a level and the requirements needed to take the NRA Training Counselor Training and in 2014 I achieved that rating. I feel there is a great responsibility to teach NRA Instructors how to be Great NRA Instructors and set them up for success. The NRA Instructor rating of Personal Protection Outside the Home is one way to achieve the requirements needed to teach the NV Conceal Carry Weapons courses, so I have many Instructors who come through our programs with that goal in mind. I also always recommend lots of additional legal and defense information to add to the NRA knowledge.
To this day, I offer the NRA programs and feel they are a great starting point to learning the fundamentals and have important information for anyone interested in learning how to use a firearm. With the number of students who have taken training with my company over the years, I have seen the vast difference of “learning how to shoot a gun vs. how to use a gun for Self-Defense”. With the recognition of the majority of people wanting to use a gun for their own personal safety, I wanted to give my students the best information and skill development possible so I invested my own resources to learn far more than the NRA Curriculums.
To add to my knowledge tank of Defensive Shooting I have followed the defense training doctrine through the I.C.E. Training Programs. On an Instructor Level, the Combat Focus Shooting and the Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Deployment were so much more complex as they are based on a level of Understanding instead of memory or following a specific PowerPoint or book learning. These programs answered the “Why” questions based on science, physics, kinesiology and empirical evidence and I am proud to be the ONLY Instructors in our area who offer these great programs.
I still encourage the NRA programs to all my students who are wanting that “follow along the book type of learning” in a classroom and shooting range environment. I see the value in the NRA Programs as a great foundation to one’s skill development and I encourage ongoing learning of realistic force on force skills.
We are proud to offer a dynamic training program from the NRA Courses and way beyond. If you are looking for the NRA Classes, please look at the “Training Calendar” on this site to find more of the upcoming NRA Classes.
Thank You for taking the time to read the NRA Training Blog here.