NRA Pistol Instructor Course

This is an NRA Instructor Development course designed to develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary to conduct the NRA (Student) Pistol Phase II Shooting Course.


The NRA Pistol Phase II course IS mandatory in order to take the NRA Pistol Instructor Course. The NRA Pistol Phase II course may be being offered with this training. Please see the schedule.

In addition, If you have never attended the Basic Instructor Training (B.I.T.) you must attend it prior to this training. New Instructor Students Must  taken the B.I.T. within the past two years in order to take this Instructor training.  The NRA B.I.T.  Basic Instructor Training may be offered with this training. Please see the schedule and instructions.


Bring a the following

Bring a Good Learning Attitude

Please bring a Notepad, Pencils, Pens, Highlighter

Bring Eye and Hearing Protection if you have it. We prefer Electronic Hearing Protection.

Bring a minimum of 200 Cartridges of Ammunition

Bring a reliable handgun of your choice (either revolver OR semi-automatic) We prefer Semi-Auto

Bring a minimum of two magazines for semi-auto’s or one speed loader for revolvers

You may bring a secondary handgun as a replacement if you have it

Bring a Lunch, Snacks and Drinks to keep you comfortable.

We will have 10 minute breaks throughout the day and a 30-minute lunch break.

Course Tuition is $200

Range Fee not included


Once the NRA Pistol Instructor complete, the next NRA Instructor Course is the NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor Course. In order to take this course you MUST take the NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home – PPITH student course. Please check the “Schedule” and book your class now.