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About Full Conceal Academy

Full Conceal Academy is a defensive firearms program designed around the use of the flagship M3D and M3S handguns from Full Conceal. This program is in the context of Conceal Carry and Home Defense developed by Homeland Personal Protection and HPP Training LLC.

The goal for the Full Conceal Academy program is to provide relevent information and realistic training for anyone to learn how to defend themselves or loved ones from a life-threatening encounter if the need arises.

Maggie Mordaunt “CCW Maggie” and Ken Ortega are the Founders/Owners and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training. HPP Training Instructors would like to personally invite you to take one of the online distance learning or in-person live-fire training courses at Full Conceal Academy.  “More Coming Soon…”

Train At Full Conceal Academy

We are proud to offer the Ultimate Training Program.

Homeland Personal Protection was founded in 2010. It’s programs have been designed for students to learn and develop skills that range from fundamentals to defensive shooting courses. They have trained 1000’s of students from Military, Law Enforcement, Armed Professionals and many Civilians to defend against a threat on our Homeland.

We are proud to present Defensive Shooting Programs with the use of the Full Conceal Handguns with our team of vetted HPP Training instructors.

“Training Calendar Coming Soon…”

Full Conceal in the News

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The CCW Course Curriculum will include Video, Text, PDF Downloads and post lesson knowledge check test questions. Course Topics Include the Following:

Lesson 1

Firearm Safety, Student / Instructor

Fundamental rules of firearm safety

Lesson 2

Nomenclature of the M3D and M3S Full Conceal firearms

Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

Lesson 3

Loading and Unloading magazines

Ammunition Knowledge

Lesson 4

Using sights or optics

Unsighted fire

Lesson 5

Gun storage vs Defense staging

Lesson 6

Range Rules and Medical Brief

Lesson 7

Items you may need at the range

Lesson 8

Proper points of contact for the GRIP

Deployment of the Full Conceal firearm

Lesson 9


High Compressed Ready Position

Extended Shooting Position

Trigger Press

Lesson 10

Table top access

Staged access

Methods of on-body carry

Pocket access

Holster choices and access

Presentation from the holster

Lesson 11

Defensive Efficiency – Lateral Movement and Assessment

Using Cover or Concealment

Lesson 12

Balancing Speed and Precision

NOTE: The Live-Fire Training One-Day Courses will include an evolution of skill development range drills for students to become more efficient with the use of the M3D and M3S Handguns in the context of a Critical Incident.

FULL CONCEAL ACADEMY AHD – Armed Home Defense Course

The AHD Course Curriculum will include Video, Text, PDF Downloads and post lesson knowledge check test questions. COMING SOON!


Instructor certification courses coming soon. As an innovative instructor we will set you up for success with the Full Conceal Course Curriculums. You will receive the CCW Course and a Home Defense Course  with your Certification that will include Video, Power point, Text, and PDF Downloads that Instructors through Full Conceal Academy can use for their courses.









FCA Instructors



“I would like to post my experience with the CCW course taught by CCW Maggie and Ken Ortega. I have heard good things about them, however the actual class and way they instructed was absolutely awesome. The entire 9 hour class was very well done and the patience and passion they have for what they do absolutely stands out. I would be willing to recommend them to anyone looking to take their CCW class.”

“I recently attended the 2 day Combat Focus Shooting course. Speaking as a student I was extremely impressed by Ken Ortega’s ability to deliver massive amounts of solid defensive handgun information. If you like a power point class with 50 rds of live fire this is not the class for you. If you like realistic, intuitive defensive training with a serious look at what you are or are not capable of then SIGN UP NOW! This is the BEST information out there to date and I personally have seen all of the old school teachings.”

“Training class for CCW was amazing. Both Ken and Maggie covered the material in a manner that kept the class engaged. They made the class fun and the time pasted very quickly. Compared to classes I have had in the past, the information and tips were far superior! Can’t wait to take advantage of the additional classes they offer.”

“I must admit, I expected to come into yet another CCW class and sleep with my eyes open. Maggie, Ken and team kept the class moving, entertaining, fully engaged and VERY informative. All questions were answered in full detail without hesitation. The classroom over at Bass Pro Shops was very nice and access to the indoor range was only a few steps away. If you’re thinking about taking a CCW class – don’t cheap out. Take this class – it is worth EVERY penny!!”

“The Basic Pistol Shooting course has given me a solid foundation from which to build my skills. Maggie and Ken made sure to answer all the students’ questions and fostered an interactive learning environment. I will be taking more courses with them in the future!”

“Maggie and Ken are amazing instructors. Their passion for educating and for safety genuinely shows. It was truly a pleasure to attend their class and I left with a much broader understanding of everything that I *thought* I knew.”

“My wife and I attended Maggie and Ken’s CCW course for Nevada, Utah and Florida. The class was professional, in depth and provided real life information. Maggie and Ken took extra time with my wife, both in the class answering her questions and on the range during qualifying.
You can bet we are signing up for the other classes to hone our skills and keep our family safe.
These people are the BEST!”

“I will be telling everyone I know who wants to get a CCW or needs to renew one he already has about your course. I’ve been in business for myself on and off since 1965, and the best sort of marketing and advertising a business owner can do is to deliver a good quality product, which you and Ken most certainly did yesterday. Moreover, as an endowment member of the NRA, the highest compliment I can give you and Ken that you are both excellent ambassadors of our Second Amendment. Our Second Amendment is in good hands with people like You and Ken on the front lines of the battle.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I really enjoyed the CCW class.  You guys, for me, knocked it out of the park.  I can’t believe how much more informative and helpful it was compared to the first time I went through it.  You got me excited to learn some things about gun handling and tactics.”

“I have met a lot of people through the years, but not many that have the dynamics that you have.  I have attended MANY classes, but NONE that were more fun and enlightening as yours.  Thank you for putting in so much time to learn your material and then sharing it with so many who REALLY need it.  You are obviously convicted to your message and the desire to help others.”

“Both Maggie and Ken practice what they preach. All safety measures are constantly and consistently observed. Makes on the spot corrections and praises actions when observed. However, there are some situations where training is done to time rather than to task. Highly recommend for advanced individual defensive focused training.”