I am honored to be a guest on the Gun Freedom Radio. This is a weekly live and online recorded Podcast where guest speak about specific gun related topics. It’s about Engaging, Educating and Informing the listeners and you know me, I’m all about Education.

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If you look through the thorough list of guests, You’ll probably see some familiar faces. I am honored to be among the list of amazing pro-gun and pro-civil liberty advocates.


The Fallacy of AWARENESS

Yesterday I sent an article about Avoidance. Today, let’s talk about Awareness.

Awareness can certainly have value, so we say, YES, be aware of your surroundings. However the fallacy that you can be aware of everything 100% of the time is just that, a fallacy.
The more you are aware of one thing, the less you are of others.
We can use Awareness to help us process more information to respond more efficiently or to avoid a situation all together. We primarily use Awareness as a deterrent. The term “Situational Awareness” is so over used or mis-used or even worse thinking that a color code chart is somehow going to magically be all you need to keep you safe.

In addition to being aware, you should take realistic defense training for the time you were not aware, caught off guard and Ambushed?

Come and learn “Counter Ambush Methodology” in our Fundamentals of Conceal Carry and Fundamentals of Home Defense courses March 4th-5th.

-CCW Maggie

Contributor for Females with Firearms

I am honored to be a Contributor for the Females With Firearms social media page. When asked if I would take that role, I looked at the page and upon reading the “Story” I immediately knew it was for me. That and the opportunity to work with my dear friend Sheli Walters.
Females With Firearms is: Real females who love all things guns, ammo, hunting, carrying for protection and anything else 2nd amendment! Females With Firearms was born to encourage, help, and support women who love guns and to help educate them about using guns and other self-defense tools safely and effectively.
I am primarily a Defense Shooting Instructor in addition to being a Conceal Carry Weapons Instructor, NRA Training Counselor and NDOW Hunter Safety Instructor. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy the hunting for upland game birds and big game wildlife. I guess you can say, I am an all around 2nd amendment practitioner.
As the Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection, I am commited to contributing relevent content to all who follow Females With Firearms. From Equipment to Firearms, Ammunition to Defense Training
I invite you to like the Females With Firearms page and Ah,,,,, Use it,, 🙂